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what we do
Thank you for your consideration in choosing ITS’LLC as your global trading partner. Lets face it, there is an overwhelming number of registered Trading Houses throughout the world

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what we Offer
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GETTING THE SETUP RIGHT – MEANS GETTING THE INTERESTS RIGHT. Let’s simply define interest as whatever you care about that is potentially at stake in the negotiation.

Who We Are

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Since 2000, Sonia Quinones has been recognized as a leader in providing consulting services in fields of commodities purchasing and selling, in the financial industry, in the mergers and acquisitions field, and in

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Our Philosophy in Action

Our firm was founded in 2001 to grow a "Culture of Performance" at the heart of which is our client-centric focus. We understand what clients value most in their commodities representation — ready access to senior, highly experienced personnel who are responsive and attentive to their needs, efficient staffing with appropriate levels of support, and superior work product and results that involves a proactive, holistic and pragmatic approach to problem-solving. We consistently deliver on and surpass these expectations because every member of our firm — partners, associates and support staff alike — takes responsibility for client satisfaction and success. That means the breadth of the firm’s expertise is available to clients, no matter which practice groups they may be working with directly.

Our culture of performance also is about delivering the best talent and work product in a strategic manner. We embrace a work ethic that does not begin and end with the fees , but rather is rooted in our mission to serve our clients not only as legal counsel but also as business advisors. By delivering our exemplary services in a client-focused manner, we have achieved sustainable growth and success -- a testimony to the culture of performance that is nurtured and continues to thrive here at the firm.

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